Apple And Google Are Being Told To Mark ‘Foreign Apps’ To Keep Users Secure And More Informed

Florida’s Attorney General wants tech giants Apple and Google to take some added security measures that work in their users’ best interest.

The news comes after the growing concerns linked to TikTok potentially sharing American users’ data with officials in the Chinese government arose. Therefore, no risks will be tolerated as explained by the Florida AG.

The whole point is to make users better informed about the origin of the apps they wish to download. This will comprise of a warning that flags the app as owned and created by foreign means.

A recent letter was sent out to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook where Ashely Moore claims Apple needs to get serious and take necessary steps on the issue concerned.

Moore further elaborated on how consumers really do deserve the right to have more awareness of what they are installing. This includes the origin, ownership, and how and where it was developed.

With this sort of information, it would enable people to make better decisions and think twice about their actions, the AG of Florida explained. Therefore, they would be liable for all the risks attached to themselves by taking on foreign applications.

The new designation would be seen across Apple’s App Store and would further go on to give consumers the chance to gain more insightful information before making a download.

The company hopes to take on the necessary steps it has been requested to do so consumers can benefit and remain protected at all times regarding personal details and app experiences.

Moore also added a reference to how the decision needs to come soon and not later, citing how the recent spy balloon incident from China is the perfect example of how foreign threats continue to look around the country. Then the issue linked to algorithmic timelines and others also arises.

In the same way, she says that such disclaimers in place, it would assist in protecting consumers from the likes of bad exposure and other leading threats. Common examples included content being amplified on various apps’ algorithms.

But some critics feel this might be an overstretch while others are calling the move to be a bizarre one that is overly demanding. The chances are fairly less than the leading iPhone maker would include a new pop-up that keeps users alert about app downloads.

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