Amazon Reigns Supreme in Brand Power for Entertainment Apps

Amazon has been crowned the top brand for power in entertainment apps, according to a new report from DigitalTurbine and Apptopia (via BOA).

Amazon beat out other major players in the entertainment app space, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, to claim the top spot. The e-commerce giant has been expanding its entertainment offerings over the past few years, with the launch of its Amazon Prime Video streaming service and the acquisition of the MGM film studio.

Other popular streaming services were Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. Brand awareness in downloading Amazon Prime's app was greatest at approximately 17%, pursued by Netflix at 15% and Disney+ at 13%. In the top five were also Paramount+ and Hulu.

It's interesting to note that the researchers estimated the change in user sentiment, which typically indicates the direction an app is going. Paramount+ scored 20%, followed by Peacock TV's score of 18%, on the brand compass for video apps.

Additionally, the study indicated that consumers' opinions of Touch Tunes, Brand Lab, and Bose Music's music apps had improved. In regards to brand authority and credibility, Amazon also dominates the music live broadcasts and retail app sectors.

Fetch, Target, Walmart, and Shop were among the top five shopping apps based on user recommendations and brand trust. Life 360, Messenger, and Facebook scored highly for brand love in the survey's analysis of social networking apps. In terms of brand strength, Instagram and Twitter were second only to Facebook and Messenger. However, Facebook's reputation is rapidly declining by roughly 4%.

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