AI Could Soon Disrupt Google And Its Search Engine Pages, Claims Gmail’s Creator

One of the tech world’s most talked about trends has to be the uprising of an AI-powered tool called ChatGPT.

It’s a product by OpenAI and was launched during the latter part of 2022. While it may be making many upset and unemployed, thanks to reproducing their content and coming up with something new without any form of compensation, it’s also wreaking havoc for others in the industry.

Gmail’s creator says Google should be shaking in its boots at the thought of AI technology causing a total disruption. As it is, Google was seen issuing a code red mode after seeing how the ChatGPT was causing a storm online.

The threats were major and that’s why the latest reports spoke about the Android maker coming up with its own set of AI-powered programs to serve as stiff competition. But one person that ended up making such a tool for Google in the recent past is now talking about a major wipeout that Google could face in a year or two.

He adds how Google’s advertising business could soon be in shambles thanks to AI tools and since most of the revenue is produced through such means, Google shouldn’t be taking this too seriously.

Paul Buchheit who is the brainchild behind Gmail claims through a thread on Twitter that we are literally one or two years away from Google witnessing complete disruption. AI would get rid of Google’s Search Engine Page for results faster than we can blink.

Similarly, he went on to mention how typing in a particular search bar may be replaced by AI-themed auto-complete offerings that provide answers to queries. These results may even entail the likes of URL additions to particular websites so that more information can be shared.
While AI bots such as ChatGPT continue to use search engine backends seen at Google, the firm’s ad business that is huge could be shut down. And that’s because the AI may prevent the likes of traffic from being sent out to search pages themselves.

On the other hand, he compared it to what had taken place with Yellow Pages. This became obsolete in such a short span of time as the internet arose in fame.

Right now, Microsoft says it has huge plans to utilize ChatGPT. In the past week or so, the firm mentioned there were going to be new partnerships with the makers of the AI-powered tool so that ChatGPT could attain access to Microsoft’s cloud servers called Azure.

Microsoft also mentioned how an expansion of ChatGPT across its various consumer products is also on the cards soon.

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