Windows 8.1 is going away and it will no longer be supported by the company

Windows is the biggest and most used operating system in the world with billions of people using it every day on multiple devices. The systems were first launched in 1985 in the form of a graphical operating system shell to meet the increasing demand and now after over 3 decades, there are more than 10 versions of the operating system used throughout the world.

And as newer versions are being released, the older ones are being slowly put out of use and that is exactly the thing happening with version 8.1 of the Windows operating system.

As of now, on 10th January 2023, the company behind Windows, Microsoft will no longer be giving the version of the operating system with any sort of software support, technical support, or any sort of security updates. Even though the users of this OS will not immediately be aware of any changes, the OS will stop receiving any security updates and thus will be susceptible to any sort of viruses, Ransomware, and other threats to the security of the device and the user’s personal information that might have been stored in there.

In addition to this if your Desktop or laptop which is running on Windows 8.1, faces any problems past today, it is not likely that you would get any sort of help or service done to the laptop without having to pay a larger amount than it should have taken, should the device be running on any other OS. One more thing is that with a Windows 8.1 OS, some apps might not work on the device as several manufacturers are also taking away support for the OS in line with its parent company.
This OS was first introduced to the market in October 2013 and was the product of the huge amount of backlash that Microsoft had received after the release of the OS Windows 8. The 8.1 set about correcting some of those wrongs done in the first version. The OS brought back the Start button but the menu was still nowhere to be found, gave users the ability to come straight to the desktop rather than going through the iconic Start screensaver, and included a Bing-based search system (which to be fair no one used). Alongside these, 8.1 also came with better incorporation with SkyDrive which is now known as OneDrive and supported 3D printing.

According to Statcounter, out of all the computers in the world, 2.59% of them still use Windows 8.1 as of December 2022. If you are one of those people who have PCs that still use Windows 8.1, you can easily upgrade your device to the newer Windows 10 all while using your Windows 8.1 key. Windows 11 is still an option, but it is difficult because the OS has some demanding requirements when it comes to the device that is looking to update. But our advice will be that you upgrade to another and more modern OS so that you can have access to newer features, better security, and support.

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