Will Trump Return To Facebook And Instagram? Meta Gears Up To Make Big Decision Today

Facebook’s parent firm is all set to announce its final decision regarding the return of former US President Donald Trump on its platforms today.

As reported recently by the Financial Times on Sunday, Meta has been consulting the verdict for a while now and it’s finally come up with an answer that it hopes to announce soon.

For those who don’t know, the decision is an awfully controversial one. As it is, we’ve seen many people in shock when Musk opted to allow for Trump’s return on its Twitter app. This is despite the former US President going against the platform’s own policies.

The leading social media giant mentioned in the past that January 7 is the day that it would allow the former US President to return. However, this decision is now expected to get announced during the latter part of this month as reportedly by the media outlet. This was cited by one person who had been familiar with the ordeal.

Meta did also mention how it had gone about setting up one group that was designated to handle the matter. This group is led by staffers who hail from teams handling Meta’s communication and public policy operations. For now, Meta is staying hush on the matter and is not responding too much as to what is going on.

Trump was reinstated by Elon Musk last year in November on Twitter after a poll showed how keen people were to have him back. They felt the ban should be reversed and he should be reinstated.

Keeping in mind the overwhelming majority, it’s quite obvious right now that Trump is very popular as a public figure.

But with that being said, it’s shocking how the country’s former commander-in-chief is reluctant to return to other social media platforms.

He claims to have his own that goes by the name of Truth Social and hence has zero interest to use those apps that once banned him.

Trump even went as far as mentioning how he does not see any reason for the bans to be uplifted and for him to return to the app. This was at a recent meeting held by the Jewish Coalition's annual leadership.

For a while now, we’ve seen the likes of Donald Trump set out numerous attacks on the country’s voting since the 2020 election defeat. He has tried long and hard to battle his rivals in the world of politics for a while now but hasn’t been too successful at doing that.

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