What’s the Best Brand for Influencers?

Influencers quickly turned into a core component of the creator economy, and they also managed to become essential to marketing and advertising agencies as well with all things having been considered and taken into account. In spite of the fact that this is the case, not all influencers end up having positive experiences with brands. Some brands are great for influencers while others can give them a bit of a hard time, and FYPM recently put out a report that shed some light on that.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that FYPM is a platform that allows creators to leave reviews for brands that they have worked with in the past. That’s quite useful because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up revealing whether or not the brand paid them on time as well as how reasonable their expectations were.

Checking out this platform can make it easier for influencers to find better brands to work with than might have been the case otherwise. Taking a look at the reviews left on the platform is also a great way of understanding which brands have a good overall reputation among influencers.

Over 5,000 brands have been reviewed, and this report took into account nearly 9,500 reviews that influencers had left for them. The brand with the most positive reviews turned out to be Adobe, with Amazon coming in at a close second. Adobe is especially popular thanks to its flexible demands that makes it easier for influencers to work around their busy schedules.

Following that we have Michaels followed by BioGaia. Empress 1908 Gin rounds off the top five list. We then have Hero Cosmetics and Bob’s Red Mill in sixth and seventh place respectively. Samsung has a pretty good reputation too, coming in eighth place, and then CurlSmith and Fera Pet Organics round off the top ten list.

As for the worst brands, many influencers pointed to disorganization and flawed communication as major pet peeves. A lot of the companies that got the worst reviews were guilty of using bots to reach out to influencers. This can be considered spam, and most influencers would not want to work with a brand that uses such underhanded methods to get in touch with them.

It turns out that the dubious honor of being the worst brand reviewed by influencers went to none other than Crown & Paw. Glamnetic came in second, with MVMT taking up third place. The two other brands in the top five for worst reviewed were VIVAIA and GOLI nutrition. Revive Superfoods also did pretty badly, coming in sixth on this list.

In seventh place we can see Fashion Nova, and Truly Beauty doesn’t do a lot better either since it came in eighth place. NAKD came in ninth, and Daniel Wellington finished off the top ten list by coming in tenth place.

When influencers first came to light, brands were quite discerning about who they chose to work with. It seems like the tables have now been turned. Influencers have a bit more power nowadays, so they are the ones who will be careful about which brands they want to earn their money from through sponsorships and partnerships.

Platforms like FYPM will see an increased level of importance in the coming years. It may even become a critical resource for influencers who want to avoid bad experiences as best they can. There are a wide variety of brands included in both lists, and that just goes to show that influencers have a level of reach that no one could have predicted. Brands might change their behavior now that they know how much reviews matter.

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