Twitter Search Will Soon Identify Spelling Errors As It Invites Firms To Signup For Its Verification Subscription

If you’re an avid Twitter user, we bet you may have noticed how annoying the app’s Search feature can

Noticing spelling errors is something that it fails to do and that means one tiny mistake would leave you retyping your query from the start.

Above all, it can be super irritating because one little mistake means the platform won’t detect it in the search field. Moreover, you’re bound to use the exact terms to make the right search and when that doesn’t happen, things really do go out of hand and you’re left with nothing.

It’s a small concern but an integral one and that’s why the firm is really working hard to introduce a new feature that detects this.

Yes, it’s a long time coming but the feature is certainly here and we can’t even begin to imagine what a relief this would be for plenty across the board. The massive improvement means saving time and hassle and getting what you were looking for from the start.

The news comes at a time when the platform is already working on bettering its advanced filter option for Twitter Search. So as you can see, the latter is really being given plenty of importance. Seeing both of these changes roll out together would be a big improvement.

It’s not going to be generating revenue for the company, and nor is it going to alter the user interface. But one thing is for sure. The overall user experience would be altered and it’s going to be a huge change when and if Elon Musk gives the green signal.

Similar to the likes of editing tweets on the app, this is certainly one feature that people were longing for as it adds to their list of many frustrations on the platform. Remember, sometimes small errors do end up being major annoyances. For now, there’s no date on when the rollout is scheduled as it’s still being worked upon but we do hope it’s soon.

In other news, the company is now looking to launch its verification for businesses. This feature was known as Blue for Business. The platform says it’s giving firms the chance to grab the golden opportunity of gaining early access to it. So now, companies can attain a step to join the waiting list.

So what are the benefits of doing so? Well, the social media app is yet to disclose a lot of details on the matter but it briefly outlined how firms can expect business profiles and affiliation badges.

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