Twitter Promises To Discipline Rule Breakers In A Less Severe Manner

We all know that breaking rules on social media often lead to disciplinary actions and the Twitter app is no exception.

We’ve seen hundreds of accounts undergo suspension in the past but now, things are changing as per a recent statement announced by the leading platform.

It has vowed to take less intense actions against rule breakers when trying to teach them a lesson. Moreover, it detailed how it hoped to suspend those accounts on the app that were engaged in higher levels of violations of its outlined rules.

Moreover, the firm mentioned how it would be giving its account holders the chance to appeal for any suspensions that they feel might not be in their best interest or one that they claim was unfair. This would begin as early as the start of February, the app confirmed.

Those who file for appeals would be evaluated using the company’s latest standards to ensure a fair decision is sent out and no user is dealt with in the wrong manner.

So what will the company end up doing instead of suspending users’ accounts that break the rules? Well, less intense disciplinary actions involve the likes of things that the firm is doing for a while now like restricting the visibility of tweets or informing users to delete or remove some content before being allowed back on the platform.

So these are the tools it hopes to reach toward instead of simply clicking on the ban button. Moreover, you’ll find the firm is making huge plans to be more transparent with all of its actions. And now, it’s also going to be rolling out a few new features that it’s not specified for now that would assist in the next month.

To help shed a little more light on this, CEO Elon Musk says it hopes to let a user know when and why they were shadowbanned.

Last year in November, the firm’s CEO stated how the website was setting out a lot of amnesty for accounts that underwent suspension for stuff that was other than the whole illegal content or spam. And since then, it has caused several major accounts to get reinstated. Common examples include Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Nick Fuentes, and Kathy Griffin.

Today, the app appears to be defending its actions to allow all types of people back on the platform. It stated how it did not reinstate accounts that were busy engaging in things like illegal means, violence, or harmful threats.

Remember, in 2021, the platform mentioned how they chose to permanently suspend Donald Trump as they feared that his words could further lead to more damage and violence across the board.

But it’s so interesting to see how Elon Musk simply used one simple poll to bring back the country’s former President. Some were happy, others were sad, and then we had the segment of users who claim that they could care less.

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