Trouble Strikes PayPal As Hackers Expose Personal Information Belonging To 35,000 Users

It can be an absolute nightmare for tech users to have their personal details exposed via an app. Recently, PayPal went public with shocking findings on how 35,000 of its users underwent the same, thanks to hackers who grabbed a hold of their personal details and exposed them.

This included the likes of social security numbers and tax ID numbers that exposed hackers as per the company’s investigation. And it’s safe to say that no one saw this type of behavior coming.

Now, the firm appears to be sending out notices to its respective users regarding the data breach news as per the latest reports by tech media outlet BleepingComputer. In the same way, we saw the firm speak about the ordeal to the attorney general in Maine.

The hackers went about accessing such information by not breaching this internal system instead, they guessed the right login passwords. To be more specific with the news, the hackers ended up resorting to the likes of another attack which led to credential suffering. This entails adding logic credentials that were exposed in data breaches arising from the past.

These attempts made at logins took place last month, which was right before the firm realized it needed to limit out access of hackers. Fortunately, these attackers didn’t quite go to the dangerous step of making a fraudulent transaction regarding a particular account that may have been affected.

The culprits did get full access to sensitive details of thousands that would very well be exploited to carry out huge identity theft crises and schemes, among other leading scams of the industry. Moreover, such personal information that was exposed may have entailed name, address, the number for tax identification, and the users’ date of birth. This was all stated in bold terms in the notice published to users that were a part of the incident.
But it’s awfully interesting to see the firm downplay such a notice that it sends to affected clients involved. It began by mentioning how only a small number of users were affected by the incident and failed to highlight the exact number of cases exploited. It further added how the app’s overall payment systems were not affected and there was similarly no sort of financial details available for access to such culprits. They vowed to get to the bottom of the investigation and also commented on how those affected the most were being dealt with justly in the form of further guidance.

This was quickly followed up by how the company takes the security of its users very important as they’re the firm’s top priority at all times. They also similarly apologized for the inconvenience that may have occurred.

But the only relief here is that no details were so far misused due to this tragic ordeal and that entailed any unauthorized transactions taking place on the account. Other than that, the firm has started to reset all passwords on such accounts.

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