Trashposting by CEOs on LinkedIn Is Attracting Users To Potential Work Places

LinkedIn has changed a lot - by not changing at all.

LinkedIn is known for its overly serious work environment but it isn’t the most favorable environment for Gen Z. Since the site has turned into a henhouse with everyone posting whatever comes to their mind, it has turned into a shitposting (cough... decent word... Trashposting) hub.

A while back, a user posted a picture of uncooked chicken in a coffee machine as a way of saving his company’s food expenses instead of dining out at a hotel. He also commented that that’s his way of getting promoted. We’re not sure if people are dumb or just plain bored but more than half the audience at LinkedIn believed it.

Now, not only did they believe it but the user also got a lot of calls from reporters asking if he got promoted for saving food expanses. Furthermore, people even went ahead to claim this practice as unhygienic, refusing to believe that the picture was meant to be a joke. Not an actual practice.

This is just a single example of what a laughing stock LinkedIn has turned into. LinkedIn also has a ton of CEOs posting their routines. The thing about these routines is that no human being is capable of carrying out such a routine. Unless he’s some superhero with time-controlling powers or supersonic speed.

An example we found included a CEO that posted his morning routine that consisted of 31 hours worth of activities before he gets ‘his day started.’ There is no better way to showcase what a laughingstock the site has become other than this.

While this is a genuine problem, this is bringing like-minded employees to their potential workplaces. CEOs that post such content are not only giving major irresponsible vibes but are also creating a fun online space. Now their choice of platform may not be the best but it does bring like-minded employees to apply. These employees believe that having a workspace with such a chill atmosphere is the way to go!

So while this might be a bad thing for LinkedIn, it is working out well for all the CEOs looking for humble employees.

What we’re concerned about is LinkedIn’s future. The site is a major turnoff for all of Gen Z since it does not have room for any creativity. The site looks and feels boring. No one would even want to log onto a site that not only feels stuffy but is full of people who are boasting 24/7, not to mention this new Trashposting trend going on.

For a site that’s aim is to create a platform that is serious and disciplined, and works as the top recruitment site, LinkedIn is surely heading toward failure.

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