Top Companies Unite And Vow To Take Regulatory Action Against Apple For Unfair Competition

The much-talked-about battle between Apple and Spotify is heating up as more firms unite against the iPhone maker.

The companies vow to take regulatory action against Apple for unfair competition. They were seen cosigning a particular letter that called for quick and decisive action to be conducted against the firm.

Speaking to the European Commission recently, Spotify says it has been a staggering four years since it was last seen filing antitrust complaints linked to the tech giant. It even went about accusing other respective bodies of not acting in a decisive manner.

For those who may not be aware of the news, Spotify says that it’s not happy with Apple giving rise to unfair competition from the likes of its Apple Music. In the same way, it was seen mentioning how the tech giant is setting out subscriptions in the app without any form of penalty. This would force the company of paying Apple a staggering 30% share of the whole revenue produced through such a subscription.

This is not possible provided the very little margin of profit it makes through its respective music streaming services. Moreover, we saw one antitrust complaint being lodged in 2019 against Apple in this regard in Europe.

The commission was seen getting to a point of preliminary conclusion when Spotify was actually right and how the firm was most likely breaking its European competition law. But then a last decision came which is yet to be announced.

As a whole, there’s a major call for taking urgent action. The company says that the European Commission’s VP was provided with a letter that was signed by the CEOs and other leading senior executives.

In this, the letter was seen reiterating how Apple is busy imposing some really unfair practices that all of these firms find offensive and incorrect. Linking the App Store to the likes of proprietary payments and excess commissions for developers. Let’s not forget to talk about making huge obstacles that ward off businesses from making communication free with clients and limiting data access to users.

Remember, tech giant Apple is playing the role of a monopoly in regard to the whole mobile ecosystem and it’s even taking out huge chunks of rent from developers along the way that have very little choice but to stay quiet and remain on such platforms. This might be their only way to really reach out to the likes of European consumers.

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