TikTok Expands Its State-Controlled Media Label To 40 Global Markets So Users Stay Vigilant

Leading social media giant TikTok has expanded its state-controlled media label so that more than 40 different global markets are included.

The decision comes as a means to keep users alert whenever videos are being shown on the app by those sources who have great influential power.

By this, we mean editorial output or complete control over the whole decision-making endeavor. It is known to be subjected by influential sources like the government, as revealed by the company on Wednesday.

The whole trial actually started last year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where media controlled by the state in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia arose.

So what happens when you click on it? See, the label ends up giving users a lot of data about what it really means and why such a tag gets applied.

Ever since the launch took place, the accounts are run by the likes of media organizations owned by Russia such as RT, Sputnik, RIA Novosti, and Ruptly/. So many others have ended up including this label in such videos.

This particular app is owned by the Chinese firm Bytedance mentioned how it’s not being influenced by state-controlled media. In fact, it’s far from it, and hopes to make such plans delayed.

The archrivals of the app are currently offering a much more similar system for several years now that it labels as state media.

Let’s take YouTube for example which said in 2018 that it would begin to label state-funded broadcasters. Meanwhile, just last year, so many state-run channels belonging to the Russians were blocked. They were found to be monetizing via ad dollars other than the likes of Facebook.

Meta was also seen sending out labels to such media sources across its forum since the year 2020. And even before this, the Twitter app’s policy since the year 2020 was seen to be linked to such labeling features. So right now, whether or not such a policy would shift, only time can tell.

TikTok has been really upfront since day one about overviewing editorial independence of operations by taking into the likes of a mission statement as well as editorial and some safeguards. It similarly is highlighting the need for a system that considers appeals when one entity feels they’ve been labeled in a very unfair manner by the trust as well as the safety team.

The firm has worked hard with so many experts, right ahead of the pilot program. And that entails consultations with around 60 media experts, academics, and various international firms and society groups globally.

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