SimilarWeb Highlights 2022's Fastest-Growing Digital Platforms

A New York-based computer software company, SimilarWeb, has put together last year’s top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Online. Starting with automotive brands, these brands experienced heavy traffic on their website. One of the main reasons is the high inflation rate, which forces automobile owners to seek out ways through which they can save money. As a result, traffic on sites providing cost comparisons, easy DIY hacks for cars, and loyalty programs remained high.

Among the top 10 trendiest sites, got the first spot with a surprising 248.4 percent year-over-year change and hosted almost 3.6 million visitors. came in second with 115.3 percent turnover, and was third with 89.8 percent yearly change.

Moving on to cosmetic products, social media platforms such as Facebook played a major role in bringing these brands among the top 100., which topped the top 10 cosmetic brand list, got almost a quarter of its visitors from Facebook. The website hosted 11.1 million visitors, leading to a 164 percent year-over-year change. Followed by at No. 2 with a 121.4 percent yearly change and at No. 3 with a 115.8 percent turnover.

When it comes to online tech service-providing sites, topped the list by hosting 17.6 million site visitors in 2022, leading to a massive 374.7 percent year-over-year change. came in second with a 326 percent change, and had a 191.2 percent change.

Renting electronic items instead of buying them is also a growing business, which peaked in 2022 due to the high prices., a site famous for renting electronic appliances, observed 5.9 million users on its website with a 353 percent yearly turnover. Similarly,, another such site, came in second, followed by with a 101.5 percent change.

Health and fitness are vital for people. Thus, health brands grew big last year. Online sites selling workout items and offering daily workout programs were among the top brands. led the list with 8 million users and a 347.8 percent change, followed by with over a 287.9 percent change and with a 171.6 percent change.

With people moving back to their offices and companies, apparel demand went up. Celebrities and influencers played an important part in driving traffic to these brands. hosted 8.1 million people on its website with a 285.9 percent change, followed by with a 241.9 percent change, and with a 204.8 percent change.

Companies have been laying off large numbers of their workers since the pandemic began. The trend continued last year as well. Searching for new jobs led to become the top brand in this section. The site saw over 3.1 million visitors, with a 229.9 percent yearly change. Shortly followed by with a 213.5 percent change and, with a 195.8 percent change.

People have been staying up to date with news since the pandemic and other events that followed it. Stories from all over the world began to become part of the news and media., a site famous for sharing such stories, saw a massive 1316.3 percent year-over-year change as it hosted 15.6 million visitors. Followed by with over 911 percent change and with a 731.1 percent change.

Travel also remained a hot topic, and as it appears, travel brands saw a major comeback last year. The shift was due to restrictions being lifted that were in place during the global lockdown because of COVID-19., a famous brand, welcomed 8.5 million visitors to their website, followed by in second and in third.

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