Podcast videos are taking over the place of audio ones

When we hear Podcasts, apps like audible, and Spotify come to our minds where speakers talk to people or just talk because they are meant for hearing only. Well, a new type of Podcast is also making its place, Video Podcasts.

According to a survey by market research firm Morning Consult, many people in the US only view podcasts as something that is video based rather than being an audio-only format. The survey was conducted by using a poll that was responded to by 2,202 US national adults and revealed that 46% of podcast listeners prefer listening to podcasts with video to accompany them rather than with audio only, while 33 percent prefer YouTube for podcasting.

51% of respondents said that it was because they wanted to see the facial expressions of the speaker and the reactions of the others. The other half of respondents said that it was because it is the video that helps them better focus on the video as audio-only sometimes leads their mind astray.

This data proves why an increasing number of podcast hosts and producing companies are now switching to a mix of both audio and video podcasts so that their audience can witness the collaboration between the hosts and their guests rather than just listening to their voices.

According to Nick Martell who is the host of the business news-related podcast “The Best one yet”, video is just the beginning of a funnel growth strategy. He spoke to a media outlet in August and revealed that the YouTube algorithms help them increase their range to new viewers in a way that the audio-only algorithms cannot.

Even though Podcasting has seen a huge growth in the last few years, but data shows that the number of people listening in had decreased in 2022 after having years of double-digit growth. But, even after all this, advertising spend in this industry is still growing and according to estimates by Insider Intelligence podcast ad spend will increase in 2023 and reach 2.2 billion dollars which is almost double the 1.7 billion spent in 2022.

Another thing that the survey revealed was that influencers and celebrities that are invited to the podcasts are one of the primary reasons that the podcasts are so popular with the people cause they enable them to get a sneak peek into the lives of the celebrities they idolize so much

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