Microsoft Teams Is In It To Win It As New Report Says It Could Outperform Zoom In 2023

The team at App Figure is highlighting some interesting findings related to Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

When it comes to apps used for meetings, we bet most of you out there make use of Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. While we do agree that Zoom isn’t exactly in the league to compete with Slack or Team, we do feel it overlaps, and not just by a little amount.

While Zoom may be the leader of the trio, while looking at downloads taking place over the past few years, it appears the lead will shift into 2023. And this is for the first time in its app history.

When taking a glance over at the downloads of the trio, it’s difficult to not marvel at the likes of the pandemic downloads for the app, which as per estimates, ended up making its way into nearly one billion cellphone devices, ever since 2020 began.

The downloads for the Zoom app were on the downfall since 2020 began but when you look at the stats, it’s still leading the pack when compared to its other two rivals.

Then when you look at the other extreme of the border, you’ve got the likes of Slack which ended up growing last year. But that still was not enough to match the growth observed with Zoom and Microsoft Team.

Coming to Microsoft Teams, was unlike either of the two. We had a very consistent performance taking place here, which is unlike that seen for Zoom.

Clearly, Zoom will be having a problem called Teams this new year and they’ve got to play out their cards smartly to prevent themselves from being dethroned from the leading spot.

Then unlike Slack, the team’s downloads aren’t too far off when you take Zoom into comparison. Then in the likes of 2022, we saw Zoom take on nearly 216 million downloads versus the Team’s 137 million. But the rate of decline for this app is definitely alarming. By 2023’s end, it’s quite possible that the Microsoft Team’s consistency would outperform the likes of Zoom. And there’s yet to be any other leading competitor that would stop that from happening.

So watch out for 2023, as per this report, it could be the Team’s year to win it. Until then, we’ll just need to wait and watch patiently.

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