Meta Urges Users To Review Their Privacy Settings While Highlighting More Protective Measures

In honor of Data Privacy Day, Meta has sent out a post that urges users to review all of their privacy settings. At the same time, it’s searching to highlight different initiatives to provide protection to users while giving individuals more control regarding data usage.

This is definitely news as it’s not Meta’s strong point. Remember, the controversial Cambridge Analytica incident arose when Meta allowed academic institutions to gain access to the likes of Facebook via information made public on a large scale. This led to such details being available to private operators. And in the end, they used such insights to create a bigger targeting machine for voters.

The real effectiveness of the situation continues to remain a debate. And since then, Facebook’s parent firm has really gone the extra mile to ensure users remain protected at all times. They also hope to make sure such data never falls in the wrong hands of those entities that could use people’s own details against their own will. They do end up manipulating their actions depending on the circumstances provided to them.

In its latest Privacy Progress Update, Meta provides a complete overview of different initiatives that are designed keeping users’ best interests in mind.

Some of the measures being taken by the firm include introducing a Privacy Center and a new Privacy Policy. These are both designed to assist users to understand various options used to control how data is getting utilized across its apps.

Next up, it’s setting teenage users as a default so they’re forced to enter stricter private settings across the Facebook and Instagram apps. Moreover, it’s similarly including new plans to give greater protection for users making use of its immersive metaverse journey.

Lastly, it’s even going ahead and limiting options linked to ad targeting teenagers.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, the company hopes to notify all users to take on privacy checkups that enable them to go through more privacy checkups and encourage them to glance over their settings too.

Whether you are altering audience settings or preparing a 2FA, it’s definitely worth looking at your settings on a routine basis. This way, people can even go about setting reminders to take part in such privacy checks that notify them to use the control.

This has been a moment of concern for different firms and officials for a while now. But critics do feel it’s hard to argue when you’ve got users that want more privacy. Encryption will certainly mean criminals get more protection. But at the same time, users want privacy to the fullest.

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