LinkedIn Rolls Out Planned Updates For 2023 Including Job Filters And Better Product Listings

The year 2022 has come to an end and with 2023 upon us all, some apps are really going that extra mile in terms of better their performances. And LinkedIn happens to be one of them.

The app is moving forward with planned updates for 2023 and that entails enhanced filters for job categories. These would be better aligned with the likes of shifts made in careers and enhanced options for search in terms of product listings on this platform.

Yes, you are given the chance to list business products on your own LinkedIn pages. It’s not something new as more than 90,000 listings of this sort are seen on the platform already.

For starters, let’s discuss the enhanced filters for jobs. This is done to make way for better alignment of possible new career roles for users. The app would like to begin tests for job listings of this kind. It’s all linked to locations, firms, the flexibility of roles, and so much more.

As can be seen with this example, the app’s job categories are designed to split various roles into unique segments which are aligned with trends so users may find better chances in terms of their interests.

Recently, we saw LinkedIn explain that there are several times when we hear professionals and how they’d end up discovering and exploring various new chances for careers. This is especially true, even if don’t happen to be working in some other type of job.

The number of members has increased in terms of those casually searching for better jobs. This is especially true for jobs that align better with values and user preferences. Linkedin added in its statement regarding the update that it really does hope to assist others to go that extra mile to see what it is that’s really the best for them.

This could actually turn out to be the best way to obtain a shift in your career which the app feels has turned into a major focus for so many users in the professional world.

LinkedIn says it would start testing such job category listings and plans for expansions are also up on the cards soon. In the same way, this app is searching for filters linked to new job categories of product listings. It provides a lot more potential for the discovery of B2B product pages and that was launched way back in the year 2020.

As mentioned, there are thousands of products that continually be listed and the app really hopes to create the best capacity to conduct product searches so it can expand further on this front.

It’s wonderful in terms of revenue generation for both businesses as well as brands, including the app itself. Moreover, we’ll be seeing which product search does become big news for the whole in-app experience.

For now, these are just a few changes that the app has planned for in the upcoming new year. It really is working hard in terms of developing a new position for the professional social network out there today. It’s a place to discuss some great changes for the likes of career and work.

It’s a worthwhile change and as we witness the likes of Twitter making an exit, amid all of this uncertainty, it might be a great way for LinkedIn to enhance its presence even more. The app could serve as a leading beneficiary to the platform as many professionals could consider shifting. Obviously, the apps are worlds apart but they do have options to replace Twitter chats.

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