LexisNexis shared the list of companies with the most AI patents

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the future, as it has already started to take over jobs in several tech companies, including Google and Microsoft. Several companies are racing to get AI patents for their products.

China is sweeping the floor as Tencent and Baidu, two renowned Chinese companies, hold the most AI patents, leaving U.S.-based IBM behind. Other companies, including tech giants Samsung and Microsoft, are also on the list of the most prolific AI patent holders.

The American data analysis company LexisNexis has recently shared data showing how much such companies have grown when it comes to AI-based products.

According to the data revealed by the analytical company, Tencent’s AI patents went from 711 in 2017 to over 9000 in 2021, making it the largest AI patent-holder platform. Tencent was shortly followed by Baidu, a search engine that took the numbers from 1134 in 2017 to 9504 in 2021, making it the second-largest patent holder.

As compared to the Chinese companies, the U.S.-based IBM and South Korean-based Samsung were far behind. IBM added 4422 more AI patents in 5 years, while Samuel was able to add only 3572 patent products.

The most significant performance came from Ping An, an insurance company that only had 46 patents in 2017 but, by the end of 2021, had 6410 AI patent products under its name. On the other hand, Microsoft, which ruled the list in 2017 with 4373 products, was able to add only 1448 more products. However, the company had a breakthrough when one of its mega-AI investments finally paid off as the company introduced ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based bot created by OpenAI. Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to fund the project with another ten billion dollars.

And lastly, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, also made its way onto the list of the most prolific AI patent holders. The company was able to go from 2033 patents in 2017 to 4068 patents in 2021.

The data shared by LexisNexis is based on the information collected until 2021; it can be expected that the figures might have gone up in 2022.

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