Instagram Jumps On The Avatar Bandwagon With New ‘Flip’ Dynamic Profile Photos

Meta is keener now than ever to have its users merge into the dynamic metaverse experience.

This is why the tech giant is now promoting the likes of avatars in several different places as a way to have people get more used to engagement through digital depictions.

Today, the company is trying hard to jump on the avatar bandwagon with this new rollout that comprises alternative avatar display pictures that may be flipped during ‘in-stream’.

Users are being provided with the chance to make use of alternative profile pictures that are dynamic in behavior. The app is calling them out to include the likes of regular pictures and another avatar display as an alternative. This would assist in getting more users accustomed to ways to better represent themselves in a digital manner within the platform.

The company has been busy with 3D avatars getting evolved with time and the view is to broaden the whole metaverse interaction. This is where so many of us would end up engaging through the likes of cartoon-themed versions of ourselves. Users are in charge of how the final look appears so you can dress and accessorize to your heart’s content because it’s all about you and your reflection of yourself.

This news follows from trends seen among so many young-aged users of the internet that are accustomed to interactions through avatars in various game worlds such as Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. When you come to think of it all logically, you just find it intriguing to engage with the likes of digital figures. It’s definitely a pivotal element of the push for the Metaverse that’s moving toward interactive and so much more immersive experiences. Be it PC, AR, VR, or more- it’s a very unique affair.

The use of avatars and their respective promotions through the likes of digital identity means Meta may end up influencing more users to come forward and conduct interactions with digital characters. This is an integral element of the whole metaverse engagement.

As it is, the tech giant was seen adding a wide array of stickers and some more tools linked to interactions so users get used to the entire ordeal. And with the likes of some more dynamic images being included, it’s definitely one more step further in the process.

It’s super interesting and it’s going to be even more interesting to see how so many others would be adding avatar display images on their Instagram profile.

To include avatar pictures on the other side of your profile image, simply click on the edit profile button of your profile page on Instagram. Then, click on the option to edit a picture or your avatar seen at the screen’s top.

As may be seen, no active avatars mean Instagram may force you to go through the creation process of adding one that may be flipped on the side of the profile picture.

Whenever a user visits your profile, this image flips over through automated means, provided that feature has been activated. This is one simple way to spark greater engagement with avatars and is definitely one step closer to Zuckerberg’s metaverse vision.

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