If You Think No One Downloads Facebook Anymore, Think Again Because You Are Wrong

Most people assume that Meta-owned platform Facebook has become an outdated app over the years, but that's far from the truth. The fact is that Facebook was one of the most downloaded apps in 2022, and it's not going to get outdated anytime soon. It may come as shocking to many people because who was even using Facebook in 2022!? Well, Facebook was downloaded on almost 500 million devices in 2022, which means almost half a billion people started using the Facebook app.

As per AppFigures data, it's India where the majority of Facebook downloads were recorded. About 136 million people in India downloaded Facebook in 2022, mostly from Google Play. This means Facebook has a good audience in Asian subcontinent. Not only Facebook, but Instagram is also popular in India, and every month most people from India download the Instagram app.

The country with the second most downloads of the Facebook app in 2022 was Indonesia. After Indonesia, people from the USA downloaded the Facebook app the most. Other countries included Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Egypt. These countries were the ones where the Facebook app was downloaded the most in 2022. 70% of Facebook downloads in 2022 were from these countries, and these are the countries that will keep on downloading the Facebook app in 2023.

Facebook wasn't having a good time in terms of its stocks in these previous years, but now looking at its number of downloads, its stocks are increasing in number. There is a hope that they will keep on increasing in 2023 and Facebook will rise again and become popular. Now, we have to wait for the TikTok app to get banned in more countries. This way Facebook will see a rise in its download as TikTok is Facebook and Instagram's biggest competitor.

Data Shows Who's Still Downloading Facebook?

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