Google To Soon Launch A Chatbot With ‘Moral Boundaries’ As Rival Competition For ChatGPT

There happens to be one thing on everyone’s minds. And in case you haven’t guessed by now, it’s linked to ChatGPT.

The launch of the AI-powered chatbot has plenty of people talking. But Google has other plans on its agenda, including the likes of arch-rival competition that could directly fight against this endeavor.

The only difference is that Google’s Deep Mind wants a chatbot that has some moral boundaries and that means we could soon be seeing a chatbot that is an adult version of what’s launched right now.

DeepMind is a part of Google’s subsidiary and it is making big promises including being a much more secure version of the leading AI assistant that might be revolutionizing the tech world.

DeepMind is a leader in the world of AI-powered technology for the past ten years and it was acquired by the likes of Google, around nine years ago. But with ChatGPT taking the spotlight in recent times, DeepMind is trying to launch its own chatbot which goes by the name Sparrow.

It would first be given out as a private beta during some part of this year. But Sparrow was first released to the public in 2022 as a reliable proof for concepts in any research paper. Many experts called it the best dialogue agent that is helpful and limits the risks linked to insecure and incorrect answers.

Despite all the news on what could go wrong, DeepMind appears to be confident across the board for its beta launch. It knows about the great controversies attached to the drawbacks or dangers including misinformation and inaccuracies. But it’s gearing up for a hopeful offering soon with this launch.

And let’s not forget how close of a relationship it has with Google, and that means it may be the answer to the best competition for ChatGPT.

As far as the delay in launch is concerned, DeepMind says it’s working to make sure it entails all the shortcomings present in ChatGPT so that it’s a great offering. This means saying hello to new features that ChatGPT lacks. Out of those, the most prominent one has to be citations of specific sources.

Moreover, a certain research paper on the likes of Sparrow proves it might be more conservative and certainly more constrained than the current ChatGPT on offer.

During the early part of the app’s tests, there was a willingness to say no to certain questions in regards to the context that it feels it’s right to defer the news out to humans. At the start, it was providing answers and backing that up with support, but this was when factual questions were shown.

The true abilities become much more clear when public betas are launched but for now, it’s quite evident that we’ll be seeing plenty of debates arise against it. You might need to grab the popcorn for this one, we believe.

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