Google To Soon Allow Its Password Manager To Add Notes To New And Existing Passwords

Search engine giant Google recently went public with some major changes linked to its January 2023 Play System.

This entailed several exciting updates that users can expect to arrive soon such as innovative developer features linked to its Android Device Connectivity. Both services as well as enhancements for its Play Games account seen on the support page would be getting some revamping.

Google recently updated the page to include these highlights and some more interesting changes such as those made to the Google Password Manager.

As mentioned on the Google System Updates support page, the firm says the Play System would introduce new changes in the form of adding notes to both new and old passwords on the company’s Password Manager.

In the same way, it was decided that it would enhance Android’s native QR code scanner’s functionality to assist users in conducting scans of existing images from the likes of their gallery and even handle things like the UPI codes or Matter through the OEM camera applications.

The changelog also mentioned how there would now be an addition to things like bringing Device Connectivity associated features to the attention of developers. This new update would bring ahead new features that give rise to developers benefiting from machine learning and other AI-based developer services across various platforms.

You may check the updated changelog seen across various sections below. Moreover, one social media expert announced how the changes would soon be a part of the rollout seen for users through server-side launches.

Hence, despite users having the latest version of their Google Play Store or Google Play Services, you just may not be seeing new features launched on any device.

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