Getting to Grips with Appointment Scheduling Software

As businesses of all sizes are starting to think about the implications of automated software, you may have come across appointment scheduling apps. There is a lot of information out there supporting their use, but you may still be left wondering if this kind of system will be the right choice for your needs. With this in mind, here is a comprehensive look at appointment scheduling software to help you make the right decision.

The main features of appointment scheduling software at a glance

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When selecting a scheduling app for small business needs, it will be worthwhile to take note of the features on offer. As a quick overview, these are:
  • Employee and customer management
  • Simple payment processing and streamlined billing processes
  • Appointment reminders
  • Calendar integration to manage and update scheduling tasks
  • Integration for employee and customer data
  • Cancelling and rescheduling capabilities
  • Mobile compatibility
A more in-depth look at the top features:

1. Customisable automatic notifications and reminders

Not only will appointment scheduling software send out automatic confirmation and reminders to customers who book with you, but you will also be able to set preferences for email, SMS, or even automated calls when integrating software.

2. Software integration

At the mention of integrating software, many appointment schedulers on the market will allow connectivity with apps like Mailchimp, Office 365 and more. Bookings can be made simpler and faster, as secondary tasks are automatically triggered.

This can also be worthwhile for online meetings as Covid 19 has changed the way businesses and customers interact. In recent years it has become especially important to offer online meetings and well-appointed scheduling software will be able to support apps like Zoho Meetings and Zoom, as well as automatically send meeting URLs once booking is confirmed.

3. Cancelling and rescheduling capabilities

All appointment scheduling software will allow both customers and staff to cancel or reschedule appointments as easily as they can schedule them. With intuitive design and automated notifications, time won’t be lost waiting around for individuals who aren’t going to show up. This option can help to build trust and increase brand reputability.

4. Tailored booking for your business

It’s no secret that you won’t offer the same service as your competitors, let alone every other business out there, so appointment scheduling software is designed to offer a level of customisation to meet your needs. You will be able to list your specific services and easily link to them and many will let you create a booking page that reflects your brand.

5. Team scheduling for improved services

A great feature of appointment scheduling software is the fact that it can assign the right team members to the tasks that best suit their capabilities. This means that if a customer needs advice relating to a specific product, they will have access to the best representative for the job with little fuss.

6. Support for online payment options

Instead of spending time compiling bank account details and waiting for payment processing protocol, you will be able to add a host of payment gateways like PayPal to give customers more options when paying for your products or services.

7. A mobile-friendly interface to surpass desktop functionality

In the current digital environment, providing customers the ability to make, cancel and obtain information about appointments right at their fingertips can be a must. Offering mobile functionality could set you apart from the competition.

Main advantages of appointment scheduling software:
  • The ability to attract new customers and improve retention
  • Engage and serve more customers per hour/day
  • Improve efficiency for staff
  • Ensure customers keep appointments
  • Drive traffic (both in-store and online where applicable)
  • Boost sales
  • Improve customer loyalty and brand image
  • Maintain an advantage over competitors
Should you get an appointment scheduling app for your small business?

As you can see, there are an array of benefits to enjoy when using appointment scheduling software and the good news is that it shouldn’t take long to set up and roll out across your small business. It’s typically a simple system to learn and will support upgrades for the future, so you won’t have to worry about changing software down the line.
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