Coursera CEO Calls ChatGPT a Game Changer

Most people have heard about the AI chatbot known as Chat GPT by this point. Calling it a chatbot might be doing a disservice to the tech because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up underselling how innovative it truly is. The latest proponent of the advanced AI was none other than the CEO of Coursera Jeff Maggioncalda, and he had nothing but praise for it.

Speaking from Davos, the Coursera CEO raved about Chat GPT and admitted that he uses it every single day. He went so far as to refer to it as “magic”, since he was so impressed by its ability to generate seemingly new ideas and remix old ones to make them better than might have been the case otherwise.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that he’s been using Chat GPT as both a digital assistant as well as writing partner. He also plans to incorporate it into Coursera in order to give its students a more comprehensive experience, also hoping to train it to speak like a true professor.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, Maggioncalda wasn’t without reservations. He acknowledged that there are some ethical gray areas that would need to be addressed before Chat GPT can go mainstream. For example, a mental health service known as Koko stirred up controversy by offering patients generated responses without informing them that they were talking to a chatbot.

Consent is essential, otherwise people will always be suspicious that they might be talking to a robot. The Coursera CEO is aware of these issues, and he seems confident that they will be resolved in due course.

Since Chat GPT is such a recent invention, it’s still hard to tell what kind of an impact it can have. Its use cases are diversifying, and we might see it being used in all sorts of contexts that no one could have predicted right at the outset. Its incorporation into Coursera will be an important litmus test.

Photo Courtesy Coursera/Handout via REUTERS

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