Bad News For iPhone 14 Pro Max As It Loses Its Download Speed Crown To Two Android Devices

The latest report on mobile performances is out thanks to Ookla and there is some bad news for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

While the device from Apple may have been crowned as having the best download speed in the past, it’s now losing out to not only one but two devices.

The news comes to us thanks to Ookla who recently compared the leading mobile phone carriers in the US in terms of downloads and uploads as well as consistency and availability among other things.

The device earned the top ranking in Q3 with a staggering score of 147 Mbps while a 17 Mbps upload speed had just been recorded. Now, the tables are turning as those that were once beaten out are reigning supreme as per this study.

So who took the crown this year if it was not Apple? Well, no guesses here because it was indeed the new Galaxy Z Fold4 phone from Samsung to win the leading spot as it had 147 Mbps. In second place, it was the Pixel 7 Pro from Google ranked second with 137 Mbps.

This iPhone device ranked third and scored 133 while the iPhone 14 Pro stood at just 130 Mbps. Meanwhile, while the latency and upload speeds were all so similar, it was the Pixel 7 Pro that led the race at a staggering 15 Mbps for uploads and another 50 ms for latency.

Other interesting facts to note had to do with Samsung devices getting the fastest median download speed figures when compared to all Apple devices by a good 7 Mbps.

The study also shed light on how one of the most interesting things about the iPhone 14 Pro Max losing out is that the top download speeds seen on the Galaxy Z Fold4 won the race with the same performances that were witnessed with the 14 Pro Max observed during Q3.

What could the reason be as we’ve seen the iPhone series perform at a speed that was greater than both of these devices from Android? One link could be due to the iPhone 14 Pro Max devices getting into the hands of clients that lived in places having poor or slow mobile coverage.

Whatever the reason may be, the stats are out. And the top carriers having the best performance speeds are certainly Apple, Google, and even Samsung.

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