Apple Delays Its AR Glasses As Engineers Work On A Cheaper Version Of Its Mixed Reality Headset

The buzz surrounding Apple’s new mixed reality headset continues as new reports are speaking about something quite fascinating in regard to this theme.

The leading iPhone maker is yet to unveil its first-ever AR/VR headset but engineers are reportedly working on a more cost-effective headset. This news comes to us thanks to the likes of media outlet The Information.

It has worked hard in providing so many details about the new product as was seen on Tuesday. The report says that engineers are keen on nailing the key aspect of the design while making sure the expenses involved are at a bare minimum. This way, the final product becomes cheaper.

Meanwhile, those sources who were very familiar with the news say that although Apple’s initial headset is undercover, the tech giant is really concerned about the price tag involved. Some reports from the past have gone as far as unveiling how such costs linked to the first-generation headset may go all the way up to the likes of $3000.

This is done to make sure more and more individuals gain greater access to such types of modern technology. For now, there is no update on the exact price of this product. But as per reports, the tech giant says it wants one that’s more cost-effective and it’s leaning more towards pricing that’s similar to the iPhone. For now, the latter stands at $800 to $1600.

Apple’s engineers are currently discussing methods by which this design would be cheaper like lower resolution for displays or perhaps fewer sensors and making use of cost-effective materials during production. Other ideas include the likes of slow-paced processors and avoiding the inclusion of H2 chips for the likes of lower latency after getting paired with accessories like AirPods.

Despite all of this, the firm has some plans for the launch of its headset at a costlier price tag so it may test the waters of how willing its consumers are toward paying for this product. However, this is certainly not the first time that we are hearing more and more about Apple’s mixed reality headset coming at a cheaper price tag

If we go back to the year 2022, one social media enthusiast and tech expert Ming-Chi Kuo outlined how the tech giant was exploring the likes of bringing forward new and cheaper versions of the product by 2025. She also similarly mentioned that there would be a second generation of this premium headset by the year 2025.

In other news, Apple’s engineers are simultaneously working on a pair of new AR glasses. But it’s not going to have the immersive VR features as that seen on the AR/VR headset. The emphasis here would be more on the likes of basic tasks like portraying notifications.

Before you might get too excited on this front too, we’ve got a new update on this feature too, thanks to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. He says that the iPhone maker is putting this venture on hold for now as it's putting all focus on the new and cheaper headset version. And if it’s eyeing a launch for the year 2025 for the latter, it really needs to speed up.

The news comes as it gears up for the launch of its first generation AR/VR headset for this year. Did we mention how it would be featuring double 4K Micro-LED panels? Moreover, the new and improvised displays are more high resolution and they’re bound to deliver an immersive experience when compared to arch-rival products in the industry.

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