Apple Accused Of Cynicism And Hypocrisy For Its Treatment Of Advertisers

The annual conference held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau is shedding light on some startling accusations hurled in Apple’s direction.

The leading iPhone maker has been accused of cynicism and hypocrisy in its treatment of advertisers versus that seen of its own ad firm.

The company’s CEO mentioned during the leadership meeting taking place this year how a trade group was able to come face-to-face with the Cupertino firm. The IAB’s members included the likes of Google and Meta too. They claim Apple’s app tracking transparency would continue to grow with time and it continues to stand as a leading threat.

As mentioned by AdAge, the company was accused of making use of double standards when taking other advertisers into consideration. Whenever users were asked for persimmon of being tracked by third parties, the iPhone maker’s own services would enforce them to accept the likes of personalization.

While there isn’t any shortage in terms of extremists conducting an attack on the industry from the outside, there are claims of it being attacked from the inside. This might have to do with Apple exemplifying the likes of cynicism as well as hypocrisy which underpins extremist views.

Apple does not seem to be keenly interested in the likes of fair fights as it really places a blind eye toward the industry.
It cannot be personalization as Apple’s ecosystem continues to track outside of that system. And it seemed that Apple was warned not to go in that direction of using language linked to track.

And while the firm did thank them for the feedback, they weren’t seen making any comeback to this industry table for a second time.

So now, they’re calling it out for the likes of hypocrisy and the board wants the firm back toward this table for another round.

For now, Apple is yet to signal any feedback or remarks on the matter. But it does keep on arguing how privacy features aren’t designed to build up the business at the cost of others. But the leading tech giant’s ad business did grow to a significant figure while the rest continued to decline.

The allegations are definitely strong and it appears that Apple might be making plans of refuting those claims by coming up with stronger evidence to clear its reputation.

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