Unlimited Internet Protection for Free, "Let's Encrypt" Provided 3 Billion Certificates To Over 300 Million Websites

Over 3 billion (yes with B) certifications were granted by Let's Encrypt, which secured 300+ million websites for nothing. This milestone comes on the heels of a year that saw its adoption skyrocket and a surge in venture capital funding. The nonprofit behind Let's Encrypt says it's a sign of the future: an open certificate authority that encourages best-in-class security without hassle from vendors or government mandates.

Let's Encrypt has been issuing free, standardized certificates to websites around the world since September 2015 and the total number of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure aka HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer/ Transport Layer Security) certificates provided by it has now reached three hundred billion.

All major functional systems, websites, and base certification processes have fully recognized it since August 2018 (considering huge companies like Microsoft, Google, and Blackberry).

The Let’s Encrypt Alliance was formed as an industry consortium to advance best practices and create an environment that encourages innovation surrounding issues of trust in the digital world. The goal is to offer a more secure, privacy-focused alternative to the insecure and expensive commercial certificate authorities (CAs). Any website proprietor can get a trustworthy certification for nothing by using the computerized, absolutely free Certification Authority. The Certification Authority claims that it currently issues thousands and thousands every day.

Encryption services provider, Internet Security Research Group came up with a new history of delivering three hundred million certifications.

"It offers Transport Layer Security via 200 plus million users certification till first Nov 2022, from three hundred and nine million URLs or subdomains. This year, the number of URLs using it increased by almost thirty-three million" as stated by Internet Security Research Group.

Over three million certifications were canceled as a result of a problem the team discovered in the URL verification & distribution program. This gives us an idea of the project's size and explains why the research group agreed to significantly centralize certification issuing and renewing.

This figure represented nearly 2.6 percent of the hundred-plus million active certifications it offered to sites around the world.

Tons of existing Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security credentials would be canceled by Let's Encrypt over two yrs earlier, causing approx to 1 percent of all current certifications.

The Internet Security Research Group said that in addition to allowing our customers to manage expunction situations as effortlessly as possible when they obtain credentials, to begin with, the time we've established a protocol for computerized certification restoring alerts.

We intend to implement this spec in Let's Encrypt's process flow soon. It is now working its progress via the Internet Engineering Task Force standards process for the advantage of the entire environment.

The declaration of today's milestone follows less than three years after Let's Encrypt announced the hundred million barriers that the company had awarded one billion credentials. Since then, the nonprofit has issued more than three billion certificates. In addition to this increase in volume, Let’s Encrypt has seen an average of more than 1M new organizations join each month since 2019.

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