Twitter Rolls Out New Process To Better The Accuracy Of Its Community Notes

Twitter has recently launched a better way to enhance the accuracy as well as the value of its Community Notes.

The platform is launching a new qualifier that makes contributors of this feature first unlock the ability to write out Notes. This means they need to first-rate other Notes that are put forward by the app.

Twitter announced the news today through the platform where it claims that all those joining the Community Notes would be given the chance to rate these notes. Hence, they can unlock the feature to write by assisting in the process of outlining which notes are useful and which aren’t. But remember, they need to earn the ability to write out their own notes by getting a rating impact score that’s 5 and above. Only then can they be allowed, the app confirmed.

The rating impact factor is really good at relating how frequently a contributor attained a rating in helping out the community and that would earn them the status of being helpful or not through a broader user system.

Their rating ends up falling when contributors rate a note before it attained a certain status. Also, the same occurs when the rating matches the same status attained by that particular note. But you’ll see the impact falling when the contributor rates the note opposite to the status it attained later on in time.

So you need to basically be mindful of rating notes in a manner that you feel the community would agree with because if your opinion is opposite of theirs, well, the chances of you getting better scores to fall.

The whole idea is to filter out those people trying to influence this feature of Community Notes by adding a certain type of bias.

Twitter says that to really increase the impact, users need to search for notes that need more ratings and then go about the process. Simply skim through the tab in Community Notes called ‘Needs Your Help’ and by searching for alerts when notes require a rating.

Other than this, you can benefit from points for Writing Impact in the Community Notes category for Creators. These are rated depending on the type of audience feedback. And just in case you don’t get too high of a writing impact rating, you end up losing out on the chance to write Notes.

We find that this is a great update to make sure the quality of Notes is maintained over time. What do you think?

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