Shotkit Survey reveals the most popular camera and brands

Nowadays each and every individual looks forward to capturing memories as well as sharing them via popular social media platforms. A better way to picture memories is a camera, which has become an important asset among photographers as well as people who love to capture memories.

Looking at the above scenario, the team at Shotkit decided to do a survey among 1,000 photographers in order to know what type of camera gear they are using and why they are prioritizing it.

Shotkit was surprised as they came to know the final results, according to the survey, mirrorless cameras are commonly used by photographers due to their small size and lightweight, over 63% professional photographers tend to use mirrorless cameras over DSLRs, while 36% of them use DSLRs over mirrorless cameras. The rest 1% tends to use both.

Now that you know facts and figures let’s talk a bit about brands too, according to the survey Nikon seems to be leading the market with 31%, Second on the list is Canon with 28% percent of the total market share and last but not the least Sony seems to be securing third place with 20% market share.

Now let's talk about the most popular cameras used among professional photographers, Sony’s a7 III seems to secure first place when it comes to the most popular cameras meanwhile, it’s hard to compare Canon’s R6 and Nikon’s D750 for the rest positions, as both are popularly known among professional photographers.

Amateur photographers seemed to be opting for mirrorless cameras over DSLRs due to its in-body image stabilization as well as their small size and lightweight, let's list down the best cameras amateur photographers tend to be prioritizing. First on the list is Canon securing 27% market share, Second is Nikon securing 25% percent market share, third is Sony with 16% market share and the last is Fujifilm with 16% of the market share.

All camera brands seem to be competitive, sometimes picture quality depends on the person capturing the picture. If you want to know more additional information related to the survey, make sure to check out Shotkit’s website.

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