New Whatsapp update will allow you to report status updates

Whatsapp has been working on several different updates for its platform, and a peculiar one that’s under development is the status reporting feature.

As you may know, Whatsapp allows you to report messages and contacts that violate their terms of service. Usually, when you report these contacts, Whatsapp gathers the last few messages in your chat and forwards them to the moderation team. You can also report one specific message to the Whatsapp team for them to take action.

But what if the contact sets the thing that violates Whatsapp’s terms of service on his status update? Well, in this case, you’ll be able to report the status update of that user to the moderation team just like you can do with messages or the user. This feature will soon be available on Whatsapp Desktop beta but as of now, it’s under development, as per WBI.

So how does this work? When you see a status update that looks suspicious or violates Whatsapp’s terms of service, you can click a dropdown arrow to access the menu where you can tap on the ‘report’ button to send the status update to Whatsapp’s moderation team.

ProPublica also claims that this feature doesn’t back down on Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption meaning that no one can see or hear your messages, recordings, media, statuses, and calls. They’ve also made clear that there’s no risk of your data being leaked to anyone, not even Whatsapp or Meta themselves and there are other messaging apps with similar reporting features.

As of now the status reporting feature is under development and will be released soon on the Whatsapp Desktop beta.

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