Infographic: Smartphone Market Activity Trends For Q3 Of 2022

The Market Monitor Report for Q3 of 2022 has been published by CounterPointResearch and it’s talking about the happening trends observed in the world of smartphones during this period. For those who may not be aware, it’s a summary of the smartphone market activities taking place and we’ve outlined the few observations made so far.

For starters, the global market for smartphones underwent a decline of 12% YoY but it grew 3% when compared to the previous quarter. The only tech brand for smartphones that grew from the previous year was Apple.

On the other hand, it was Samsung who really witnessed a dramatic decline by nearly 7% since the last year in Q3 of this year. And that’s even if shares remained constant from the previous quarter.

Both OPPO and Vivo managed to strike it big and continued to produce results that arose in double digits but still, a YoY decline was witnessed in terms of shipments. Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific is known for contributing just 52% in terms of the smartphone market and that’s followed by the European continent which currently has a 14% share.

As far as the global smartphone shipments’ market share is concerned, Samsung held the lead at 21% followed by Apple at 16%. In third place was Xiaomi at 13% and then Oppo at 10%, Vivo at 9%, and the tail-ending position went to HONOR.

The market size stood at 302 million and then a growth of 3% was seen when compared to Q2 of 2022. As far as which region dominates the market for smartphones, no surprises here. It was definitely the Asia Pacific that contributes more than 50% of the shares, followed by Europe which claimed 14%.

So overall, not too bad considering the uncertain economic situation around the globe that has been at the center of attention as there was growth from the previous quarter.

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