Holidays are the most engaging season this year for influencers worldwide

A new study was conducted by Adobe this year to find out which time of the year influencers felt the most productive. Turns out it is the holiday season.

According to the study, influencers have been working non-stop this holiday season of 2022 as compared to the previous year. The reason behind it? Maybe influencers get more time during the holiday season or maybe the engagement ratio is high with people turning to social media platforms for some holiday spirit.

Adobe based its study on two main content creators. Those who create content to showcase their talents and those who monetize their content. Today we will be focusing on those that monetize their content.

The study was conducted among 1000 individuals. Among these, 73% indicated that this time of the year is their most engaging season. They tend to create the most content in this season. We also discovered that creators earn 1/3rd of their total income yearly in the holiday season alone.

For influencers who have been earning for over a year, 51% feel like this year will be a lot more fruitful than 2021. 80% of influencers believe they will earn directly through their audience while 63% will earn through promotional content.

Since brand awareness is a major goal for most influencers this season, almost all of them expect to grow their audience by a hefty percentage. The ones who have monetized and it has been over a year post more than once or at least once daily. Influencers reported that they have started posting more this year.

When asked about the kind of deals and collaborations they make, influencers reported that they value brand value over the size and influence of the brand. 74% of the influencers also claimed that they would rather partner with other influencers than work with brands.

As for the kind of posts, 70% of the influencers are more likely to post photos, 61% videos, and 31% are likely to post memes.

This holiday season does look bright for the monetizers. Since they know exactly how to control their field, it is going to be a happy holiday season for them!

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