Google Witnesses Record-Breaking Traffic After Argentina Wins This Year’s FIFA World Cup

We can say without any doubt that this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament brought forward a series of hits and misses. But they definitely saved the best for last as Argentina beat France in a thrilling final match that had spectators on the edge of their seats.

With that came some great news for Google which says they witnessed record-breaking traffic after Argentina was crowned the world champions of 2022.

The news came forward from the firm’s CEO who mentioned through his account on Twitter that December 18 was a historic day for the search engine as 25-year records broke in terms of search traffic. While there is yet to be any form of disclosure regarding the figures but it’s quite simple to witness how many are using Search.

During this particular World Cup Tournament, the search engine served as a hub for all kinds of information regarding matches. Moreover, you could witness the likes of live scores, places to watch the match, and more in a single place. In the same way, the search engine was sending out notifications regarding the games taking place live and this was all available with easy access throughout the entire tournament over the past few weeks.

As expected, the real hit came in terms of the massive milestone generated that was simply related to the excitement for this year’s final. This matchup between the two sides came really close when the French came back despite Argentina leading with a 2-0 scoreboard. The match was seen entering the period of overtime and that’s really when penalties determined the actual winner, which was Argentina in this case.

It’s interesting to see how Google is celebrating the win by Argentina by launching a new Easter Egg. So each time a user searches for the likes of a keyword related to Argentina vs France or the FIFA World Cup, this is what they’ll get to witness in return.

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