Google trend reveals growing anxiety among crypto traders in 2022

The year 2022 has seen big confusion and uproars in the crypto market, from Luna cryptocurrency’s boom to the FTX crash. This is only confirmed by Google’s most popular search terms surrounding the crypto community.

A study by CoinLedger found that FOMO (fear of missing out) was the most used crypto buzzword in 2022. It topped the rankings in 16 different states and had a huge lead in the other 3 that were left. This could imply the increase in confusing investments being done by the crypto community as a whole.

Mooning took second place right behind FOMO implying an upward trend in the market. In third place came FUD, abbreviated for fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

These trends seem to be based on the reactions of the community to big events this year.

Moreover, anxious terms have also seen growth in 2022 compared to last year. The term DYOR or do your research saw a boost of 222% in 2022 as compared to 2021. WAGMI or we are all going to make it see an influx of 147% from last year which shows the melancholic and hopeful situation the entire community is in as of now. Furthermore, the term ‘crypto whale’ saw a downward trend from last year with a 13% decrease.

Comparing the big trend-setting events this year, the FTX crash was the most impactful in driving the search interest of crypto. It raised the search interest by 3.6 points which is equal to all other crypto events this year combined.

You should also know that the cryptocurrency called Dash was the highest booming cryptocurrency of 2022 followed by ICP and Matric.

John McAfee ranked as the most searched celebrity in the crypto community in the United States, followed by Elon Musk as a distant second. John McAfee ranked the highest searched individual in 43 states. Cobie, the host of the Up Only podcast was the third-largest crypto influencer this year.

New York was the city with the most crypto trends making it the trendsetter for 2022. It’s been reported that 26 crypto trends first started appearing in the city. Moreover, California also set 25 trends while the District of Columbia set 18 trends coming in third place.

From the reports, it’s also been made clear that New York was the city most obsessed over Ethereum cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Nevada saw the largest interest in Bitcoin with a 35% increase in June.

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