Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, And Bixby - The List For The World’s Best And Worst Voice Assistants Is Out

The tech world has really revolutionized the way we see and do things in our daily lives and voice assistants are an invention that deserves all the praise in the world. But it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that such gadgets may not be as popular as we once perceived them to be in the past.

Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to see how well they paired against one another as the options to choose from are plenty.

To nobody’s surprise, it was the famous Google assistant that took the top spot for being the best, thanks to a new analysis by Marques Brownlee that showcased this recent comparison. But what we did get to know is how one Google Assistant had a massive gap between the other usual options. This entails Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and more.

Google’s venture is deemed to be the best when it comes down to the likes of accuracy and general functionality. And it would not be wrong to say that this is a huge shock for obvious reasons. We've jotted down other interesting tidbits through this list and report for you below. And it’s safe to say that they do go above and beyond the usual basics.

Most of these voice assistants are quite good at producing general facts like the usual weather updates and tasks for setting out the best timer out there. Let’s not forget to mention how Siri really can’t go past just one-timer.

As far as providing great control is concerned, well, it’s Google Assistant and Bixby that proved to be the best in this regard. You can really interact so well with other kinds of apps like clicking images and beginning to record voice too.

Bixby is great at integrations that are deep, which is a niche that leading tech giant Samsung worked hard to achieve in terms of an assistant. But Google was definitely not too behind in this manner. It did provide great support in terms of going through your images and actually being able to begin to play one of your favorite shows from Netflix.

Unfortunately, there is one loser and in this case, it happens to be Amazon which displayed mega-colossal failure across the board with its Alexa.

One major reason or justification for this is linked to Alexa not being an integral part of a user’s smartphone device. Other than that, it really struggles in terms of finding facts and interacting with different platforms, and providing poor models for conversation. Hence, when you’ve got so many better options in the industry, why would anyone go for this? Did we mention how it produces some random ads for different products on Amazon?

The new list also has experts discussing something rather interesting. Your smartphone device can influence your decision of who is the best. It affects who you wish to use as an assistant and if you really did invest big time in the likes of either Alexa or HomeKit, you may want to pick another option. The rest is your call!

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