Good News Creators: TikTok is rolling out a new "posted draft" feature on its platform

ByteDance’s famous short video application, TikTok, has been doing well ever since the app was launched in September 2016.

Soon after its debut, the app became famous globally, especially among young users who were attracted to a new way of creating content. Another reason behind TikTok’s popularity is its easily accessible features that are meant to provide a good experience to the audience.

According to a recent discovery from Jera Bean, also tweeted by Matt Navarra, TikTok developers have rolled out a new feature for creators. The Posted Drafts feature is meant to minimize the time spent by the user editing their latest posted video.

Initially, if anyone wanted to edit their most recent video, they were required to delete it from the account and edit from scratch; however, with this posted draft, a copy of the video will be saved in the Drafts section, and from there the user will be allowed to bring in all the required changes instead of going through the whole process. As per the tweet, the draft will be available for three days. Once the time comes to an end, the draft will no longer be available, and the user will have to edit it all over again if they want to.

The concept of a draft feature on TikTok is not new. Before the Posted Draft was released, an option was made available for those who recorded TikTok but we're not posting any of it. These videos are collected in the draught section.

Later, if the user feels like uploading it, drafts can be accessed via the profile page. On this page, a download button will be available, and from there the videos can be edited. Similarly, if anyone wants to delete these videos to clean up phone storage, they can simply tap the Select option on the right-hand side; once it has been tapped, the user will be presented with several options, among them an option to delete.

Though not many details are currently available about the posted draft feature, it can be expected that it will work quite similarly to the pre-existing feature.

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