Do SEOs See ChatGPT As An Alarming Threat To The Industry? This New Poll Says No

ChatGPT is indeed a very cool tool that many people in the tech industry have started to learn more about. But keeping the fun and games aside, can it really pose a threat to SEOs in today’s world?

To answer that question a recent poll was conducted. And that’s where it was highlighted that many people’s concerns were linked to its ability to write out content.

It could even provide some great recommendations for SEO across the board and would even set out some leading examples in terms of coding. In the end, some critics revealed how it may end up replacing SEOs but they appear to be least bothered.

Thanks to one poll that was set out on the Twitter app and another on Mastodon, we know about a man named Brodie Clark who really wished to see what users had to say. And nearly 2000 (total) votes came in.

They were asked if ChatGPT or related AI features could end up posing a massive threat to today’s SEO industry. Now, we are not quite sure how people ended up interpreting such threats but in this case, around 60% of the votes from SEOs stated not and that they had zero worries in the world regarding this. But again, nearly 40% of votes revealed how they were indeed quite worried about all of this.

Meanwhile, when we looked at Mastodon, the results appeared to be closer to the likes of 63% mentioning a no and around 38% stating a yes. These polls were done raw or in real-time. And by that, we mean to say that you can see the results as they are coming in.

In case you’re still confused about what ChatGPT is, well it’s another name given to a language model. It’s a type of tool for processing language that’s created to produce human-like text that relies on the type of input it gets.

While other types of language models can attain text that’s very similar to the likes of our human writing, this fails to do so and can’t replicate the whole thought process and ability to make a decision by a human.

It’s true that SEO tends to think of these tools as great and reliable for producing content or carrying out research through keywords. But they can’t be relied too heavily upon because they don’t always put out accurate judgments or replace the experience of humans.

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