Bill Gates Gets Emotional While Sharing His Growing Concerns About Climate Change

The thought of being a grandparent seems to be an emotional affair for Bill Gates. The leading software giant was recently seen speaking in detail about his thoughts regarding the future of climate change.

He claims that ever since he received the news of having grandchildren, his whole perspective of the future changed. The thought of having a new generation witness the catastrophic consequences of our poor decision-making and climate change is scary and sad at the same time, he adds.

And that is what is giving a whole new dimension to his work because he’s just so much more inspired to help people survive and make the world a better place to live in that the future world can thank him and others for.

Gates went on to summarize how his Gates Foundation is working hard and doing plenty for kids in different parts of the world. This includes those nations that are poverty-stricken and where basic necessities are rare.

From providing food and shelter to education and medication, there’s a lot taking place. But this includes preparing nations for the pandemic and the fight against the likes of diseases such as polio and AIDS.

Gates similarly mentioned more about his work and what he is doing to combat the current climate change crisis. This is through both the Gates Foundation as well as support for the early stage of investments for his company called Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

So many leaders are currently working in a manner that could better impact the future which is one of the first points that he ends up making while addressing the matter. He does hope to summarize the solution for this issue by stating how important it is to eradicate global emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2050.

As it is, extreme weather is really turning out to be a nuisance and causing suffering in various parts of the world. And if we don’t want our grandkids to suffer, we need to do something about it soon. He also stressed how the implications are massive and the challenge is huge.

Going to zero is a huge task that no human has ever been able to achieve, he concludes but we really do need to revolutionize the whole economy including how things are getting manufactured and produced.

Gates added how he joined the bandwagon for climate change after being aware of what was going on in various parts of the world. He saw farmers suffer the most and hence he vowed to take it on as his responsibility to adjust to the warming world.

Gates writes that it’s the poor people who suffer the most and businesses don’t know how to go about limiting that sort of suffering. Hence, his foundation’s role is to allow the poor to benefit from skills that people in wealthy nations have.

Not all of the billionaire’s work is philanthropic as his recent investment firm is working on a mission to decarbonize different sectors of the world’s economy.

Photo: BG / Twitter
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