A New Study Shows That Many Employees Are Not Happy in Their Workplaces Because Their Boss Do Not Show Them Appreciation

According to a recent study, about 64% of employees are not satisfied with their boss. This study was published after a survey of 2,000 American employees who applied to different companies over the past five years. Out of all these surveyed respondents, 65% said that they are willing to work with an underappreciated manager if their coworkers still appreciate their work. 59% of people believe that their boss has never appreciated their work and most of them say that they feel like their employer isn't recognizing their work as they should. 29% of these people are even willing to let their boss reduce their pay if this means that the employer will praise their work.

This survey was conducted by OnePoll and Bonusly to figure out what the employees need from their bosses or employers. There are many ways by which employees feel underappreciated. 41% say that when their boss favors other employees and disregards them, they feel hurt. 39% say that their boss doesn't communicate with them well enough which makes them insecure and they feel unconfident about the work they do.

This isn't all because a higher percentage of 46% of employees have left their job because they do not feel wanted by their bosses. This shows how appreciation by the boss is important in the workplace. The report also showed how employees would like to get recognition from their employers. 35% of people want bonuses or salary increases as a form of appreciation from their boss. 65% say that they will have an achievement motive while working if they know that their supervisors are going to appreciate them for their efforts.

Most of the employees say that they don't just want payment but they also want the validity of their work. About 68% of employees say that they don't want to work in companies that do not offer them any special development favors while 77% say that if they work in a company they need different opportunities by which they can climb up higher on their ranks. 25% of employees say that they want to coach at their workplaces so they can improve themselves. Only 22% will be happy with just a mere appreciation for their work while others have some demands so they work well.

38% of employees need appreciation from their supervisor but 35% want to be recognized by the people they work with. Similarly, 35% want praise from the CEO of the company. It's safe to say that employees do not need salaries only but they also want to be recognized and appreciated.

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