TikTok Is Secretly Launching ‘Scores’ For Creators that Ranks Them On Important Metrics

TikTok is secretly rolling out a new feature that is called Scores for all of the app’s influencers. The new venture is designed to allow creators with a particular ranking based on some of the most important factors such as their motivation and willingness to market certain products.

The news comes thanks to a recent report that was published by the media outlet MarketWatch.

A lot of the internal documents showcased the leading platform discussing and strategizing plans. These had to do with how it hoped to bring out such scores to different business partners in the most disguised manner imaginable.

TikTok is really doing well in terms of growth and popularity and has managed to reinvent itself into a firm that’s sustainable. See, the app is putting due emphasis on bringing forward a new shopping app where users can purchase products online through the TikTok app. Hence, the scores allotted would reportedly be a part of this initiative.

TikTok was seen spelling out this plan on paper and it went on to share more details with various brands, making sure each move it was making was so confidential. These scores are really intended to assist firms in figuring out what creators the app wishes to partner up with.

As recently explained by MarketWatch, the firm is now ranking its leading influencers on a series of metrics. Those would include the likes of a ‘cooperation index’ that’s designed to rank how motivated the creator is in terms of associating itself with a particular brand. This diligence index measures how willing the app is in terms of packing up its feed with products that can be shopped.

The app was seen sharing a mega interface where so many leading business partners categorized creators based on their influence on a range of various product themes and the types of content they produced. Then, how successful that turned out to be and how well their content was received is another factor used to see how much sales could be driven or was driven. In addition to that, another aspect that was looked upon as factors like consistency and collaboration.

In case you weren’t already aware, the current content creator economy is huge and continues to grow today. So many firms are creating direct relationships with many creators out there and with their respective partners. Still, firms like TikTok need more action to happen.

Therefore, the firm produced more tools to design content that would be sponsored and an integral part of this app as it would assist firms to search and link with the right types of creators that are driven for this purpose. In the end, it would provide this company the chance to gain more insight into this particular part of the economy.

Most of the purchases made by TikTok and other top social media apps would end up generating in different places. And that’s why the move is designed to allocate buys into apps themselves, creating a huge stream of revenue with new types of consumer data.

Shopping apps only work well if the firm actually ends up using the goods that it’s making and selling. For now, TikTok’s efforts appear to be very limited in this regard. Only a few leading nations like the US are involved. Secondly, most things are happening behind closed doors so there is not a lot of news shared with the public.

Some countries where the app’s scores are being discussed include the likes of the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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