Google AI Will Help In The Mammograms To Detect Breast Cancer in Women More Accurately And Precisely

From now on, Google AI will provide help with mammograms for breast cancer. On the 28th of November, Google announced that it is going to partner its AI technology with iCAD. iCAD is a technology company that deals with the medical field and helps provide health technologies to health facilities all around the world. iCAD already uses many AI in its cancer screening, but now it will also use Google AI's algorithm for better detection of the disease. The co-founder of the Google Brain team says that it is a turning point for them because they are incorporating their algorithm into the actual world, apart from just doing research.

In a study published in Nature in 2020, it was proved that AI works the best for mammograms because after experimenting its algorithm on the actual cases, AI provides with fewer false negatives and fewer false positives in comparison to other radiologists. These mammograms were taken from 91,000 women in the US and UK. In the US, women aged 50 to 74 were asked to take the screening test every 2 years. In those 2 years, Google's AI lowered the false positive rate of screening by 6%. In the UK, women aged 50 to 70 were asked to get screened every three years. Google's AI lowered the false positive rate by 1.2%.

Google AI will be available for 7,500 mammogram sites all over the world from now on. Google didn't say how it differentiates from other researchers who screen breast cancer, but it said that Google uses highly refined image quality that can see beyond the breast tissue. However, this system of AI is not made to replace radiologists, but the president and CEO of iCAD, Stacey Stevens, says that this system will help in easing the burden of radiologists in Europe since many countries in Europe need two readings of every mammogram. It is believed that Google AI will be enrolled to do mammograms by 2024 in the US. Many third-world countries and areas which do not have the latest mammogram technologies can easily access Google's AI mammography. As with any other machinery, if you provide the algorithm with more information, it can detect the diagnosis more accurately. This AI along with other AIs will also help in making the readings more comprehensible. As the technology will grow, these AI-based readings will also be able to pull out more information from the screenings.

But until then, adding AI to mammograms will help determine breast cancer in women. AI is under the learning stages but in no time it will be fully available to do the screenings.

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