Experts At iFixit Release A Scary Visual Reminder Of The Dangers Linked To Rechargeable Batteries

If you’ve got a spare seven minutes by your side then we sure do hope you take out the time and witness the scary reminder that iFixit is sending out regarding rechargeable batteries.

The repair experts thought the best way of doing that is by making devices carrying such batteries explode. Hence smartphones and laptops were both included in the experiment and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people are losing their minds at what was put on display.

iFixit says that the whole idea of sending out such reminders is making people realize that it’s best to repair your own product as compared to having them replaced. But remember, when you do a repair, you need to be mindful of a few things as you are dealing with batteries.

If you don’t take the appropriate measures, it’s going to be super dangerous as the wrong handling can really prove to be hazardous. The latter is true when you are dealing with something as dangerous as a fully-charged battery and you end up opening up the device.

You may have heard a lot of warnings in the past but seeing is believing. And that’s why courtesy of iFixit, we’ve got details of what makes such batteries explode in the end.

iFixit could be seen producing videos that showcase exactly what happens during such circumstances. It’s a video that is a clear reminder of why people shouldn’t use batteries that are damaged. And yes, even if the damage or defect is minor, it should not be ignored.

Batteries could end up being on the edge of exploding and causing massive thermal damage. Hence, it must be looked upon by professionals who have an idea of what they’re getting themselves into. If in doubt, it needs to be replaced.

One good news is linked to how the future does look promising as lithium batteries and their associated fires may end up disappearing with time as more productive alternatives may be in store. Remember, solid-state ones do hold a great promise of a greater charging capacity and a faster pace for charging too. There are no electrolytes in liquid form to worry about and the risk related to fires is massively reduced when damaged.

So yes, it’s scary but with time and technology developing, we can greatly benefit.

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