Data Shows Talking Tom & Friends Is The Best Mobile Games IP And Outfit7 Is The Best Franchise Of This Decade

Mobile gaming has been skyrocketing over the past decade. Everyone loves playing games and that's the reason that mobile gaming is about 60% of all global gaming spend. The thing which determines which game is more played than the other is IPs. IP of a game tells us how much a game is being played. When you think about some famous mobile games, a lot of them come to your mind including candy crush, angry birds, PUBG, subway surfers, etc.

But you may get shocked by knowing that Talking Tom And Friends is the best game among them, reports DataAI.

The franchise of Talking Tom & Friends is Outfit7 and the first game of the franchise was launched in 2010 called Talking Tom. The main theme of the game is a pet cat that can repeat whatever we are saying on the screen. This game became an absolute hit among children as well as adults. Because this game became a hit, Outfit7 started updating the game with new features and added new characters, mechanics, and tools to the game. As of now, Talking Tom & Friends has about 20 different games in the same franchise. One thing worth mentioning is that as this became a hit, Outfit7 has gained around 10 billion mobile downloads of Talking Tom & Friends. That's how it has become the most popular and successful game IP of this decade.

From 2013 to 2022, Talking Tom has come across many off-genre IP games like Angry Birds, PUBG, and Candy Crush but it has remained at the top. According to the data for 2022, Talking Tom 2 comes at the 9th spot of most downloaded games of the year while Talking Tom & Friends is at 12th. As both of these games were released in 2018 and 2020 respectively, their spots in the most downloaded games of the year are remarkable. By rankings by MAU (Monthly Active Users), Talking Tom & Friends app has remained in the top 100 most downloaded games. In 2021, this game peaked at the 7th spot. This is how much you can imagine that the Talking Tom & Friends IP is going strong. As Talking Tom is getting praise, their franchise Outfit7 is also gaining popularity and earning great amounts because many of its games are featuring in the top 100 spots in 2021 and that's what made them the number 1 franchise of 2021.

Over many years, Outfit 7 has continually worked on Talking Tom & Friends. Many new games were made out of the original idea but it was noticed that Talking Tom fans play the original game mostly. It doesn't mean that they do not play other ones, it's just that they prefer the original. This came as an advantage to Outfit7 too because now they have a big user base all around the world. For Outfit7's CEO, Xinyu Qian, the Talking Tom & Friends' success was all due to the hard work developers working on the game have done since 2010. He says that up to 470 million users engage with the Talking Tom & Friends universe every month and it is all because of the people who have maintained the qualities of the game. He also said that this game is for the people as we have created it for the users to enjoy some time of their day.

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