Twitter Expands Its Birdwatch Factchecker To More Users In The US

Twitter claims it is expanding its fact-checking feature called Birdwatch to all users across the US. Hence, users can no longer tweet all of their errors or incorrect facts in peace. The app wants to hire professional fact-checkers to double-check your content on the platform now.

Similarly, Birdwatch notes will be left on your content and remarks. As mentioned by the firm, this feature is designed to better the content of tweets in the most transparent and wonderful way that uses collaboration.

Therefore, starting today, more users in the US can begin to see their tweets getting company from Birdwatch notes. This will be accompanied by more data and facts contributed by the community in this regard.

Twitter claims most of these notes are designed to better content and make them more accurate and helpful. Additionally, users will benefit from more sources that give out specific context related to a particular subject or a chat. And at the end, anyone seeing them can give out their feedback about if it was helpful for them or not.

Twitter also explained more details related to this on a technical level. For such notes to be displayed in the first place, positive feedback needs to be gained related to how helpful the notes really were, especially for those that weren’t huge fans in the past.

This just goes to show how the app’s algorithm takes a lot of things into consideration and remembers who voted in favor and who voted against the notes.

For now, not everyone on the app will be given the opportunity to write some notes at the start. Hence, to qualify for such an endeavor, you need to be involved in the rating process. You need to call them either helpful or not helpful. You can then get the chance to write out notes in a more thoughtful manner.

This particular feature is only for those users in the US. For now, Twitter did not reveal when and if other countries will get the feature soon.

We do feel this feature is very interesting but whether or not it’s going to be loved by the masses, only time can tell. Hence, we’ll be waiting to see the reaction from US audiences and if it can assist people to stay informed regarding the information being read online.

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