New Study Proves Consumers Would Rather Stay In Jail Than Receive Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of any business. But a new study finds that consumers spotted across the US would prefer doing some not-so-great things as compared to taking help from others via phone calls related to customer service.

The news comes to us thanks to a new study that was recently published by Twilio. Other not-so-great things on the list include paying taxes, showing up to the dentist’s office, visiting the DMV, and even shaving off all of their hair. But some are even willing to stay in jail over contacting such a representative.

The survey that was recently conducted has gone on to prove how 62% have stopped resorting back to a firm due to poor customer experience. However, around 80% are more or less likely to stay loyal to a firm that ended up providing positive results.

As a whole, bad experiences end up taking a toll above all others. And most users state how they’ve been forced to make three calls and spend nearly 90 minutes to face one issue, thanks to customer support.

No matter which issue is involved, around 42 minutes of their time is spent usually on hold when they call up their customer service representatives. And out of those that called, only 46% confirmed that they ended up with a success with their issues. But 65% claim it’s just not worth it anymore to have things like this resolved.

For such individuals, one of the most annoying things is related to staying disconnected or being transferred to another line. Another frustrating factor is linked to making several calls on different occasions. And then there is an issue of having a single option for communication so as to reach the representative. As you can see, it’s an overwhelming situation.

You must be wondering what’s the reason for all of these problems. Well, there’s one major cause for poor customer service. Representatives aren’t fully geared up to produce error-free experiences. The technology they’re utilizing isn’t the best and it’s beyond outdated. And it’s definitely not designed to solve matters like these and by that, we mean providing assistance along the customer journey experience.

So, what do such consumers wish and pray for? Well, around 50% claim to not be asking for much. They wish to solve a matter without even going through the hassle of communicating in life or in person. And around half of the users also wish for more ways to reach out for help.

In this survey, around 2,000 Americans were surveyed. Take a look at below infographics for more insights:
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