New Alarming Report Says TikTok Earns Huge Profits From Livestreams Featuring Kids Begging

A new alarming report by the BBC has spoken in detail about how the popular video app TikTok is earning huge profits thanks to live-streams showing needy children begging for donations.

In particular, the focus was the refugee crisis in Syria where so many families were left with no decision but to be displaced and hence are begging for financial assistance. Shockingly reports went into detail about how the firm takes nearly 70% of all proceeds gathered as confirmed by a recent investigation.

It’s shocking to see how some streams went as far as earning a staggering $1000 each hour as kids begged to receive some gifts that had cash value. But what’s interesting is how the report noted that the people begging for money actually got very little of the proceeds.

Now that the matter has been highlighted in the eyes of the public, the platform says it's working hard to prevent such situations where exploitative begging is turning into a norm. Moreover, it denied all accusations put up against it that it was making money through such means and vowed that it had policies in place to eradicate such content on the app.

But it did not wish to comment on the amount of commission it gained through such proceeds and that just goes to show that the reports are true. During the early part of this year, we saw the platform fill users’ feeds with stories of the dire situation in Syria and how so many families were in need of great assistance.

That did draw a lot of support across the board as some of the images and videos were so distressing and heartbreaking that you couldn’t just overlook them. Hence, the report shed light on how this was a whole campaign led by certain middlemen that had the necessary means to go live and promote the cause.

These individuals claim to be working by the side of different agencies found in China that were linked to the app. They’re a part of TikTok and they’re giving such families access to the app as a global strategy to get live streams up and running so more and more people spend precious time on the application.

It’s interesting that most middlemen had sim cards belonging to the UK and they’re on a mission to try and get more and more people to participate in the drive by appealing to the masses.

Remember, it’s already known that those users living in the UK tend to be more grateful and generous at heart than all others. And it’s amazing the types of digital gifts that people are willing to give like virtual lions and digital flowers. It’s like tipping creators for the content that they produce.

Next up, it was interesting to see how the BBC report began tracking down where exactly all the funds sent out went if the actual people at the other end only claim to get a fraction of it. And that’s when it was revealed that most of the funds went to the platform.

Those at the donating end were furious to learn about that because they felt it was like cheating and tricking them into making donations while the deserving got very little in return.

The fact that it’s a whole network of scams where families are making a living through the sad lives of others is just outrageous and the report is really raising the curtain on the endeavor.

Now, leading content creators are also jumping on board and have their say on the alarming matter. They’re raising awareness and calling the action a move that lacks dignity and tries to gain sympathy by exploiting or taking advantage of minors.

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