Meta May Prevent Canadians From Sharing News After Country’s New Legislation Act

Meta is not happy with Canada at the moment after it reportedly introduced a new legislation bill.

Facebook’s parent company says it might be forced to prevent Canadians from sharing news. And that’s related to the fact that its new law outlined by the current liberal government is forcing platforms into sharing their revenue.

This means apps like Facebook would be forced to enter into a new partnership alongside top local news networks. Moreover, this particular law is outlined as one that took inspiration from Australia’s famous Media Bargaining Code. This was passed early last year after a lot of careful thinking and receiving a huge amount of resistance thanks to the likes of Google and even Meta.

The news went public recently via a blog post that was published during the later hours of Friday. This is where Meta mentioned that it wished to be super transparent regarding the possibility of it going adding a potential ban on Canadians sharing news.

This new threat came at a time after Meta was not invited to any meeting regarding the legislation during the early part of this week. But we do know that the panel over there took testimony from search engine giants like Google, but that was only after the firm requested to be a part of the proceedings.

Meta mentioned its dismay over the whole situation and how shocked it was to learn that it was not invited despite how much of the Canadian public shows support and engagement on its apps. Moreover, Meta has always been very vocal about its concerns and hence was really surprised that Canadian authorities failed to include them in the matter.

In case you didn’t know, members of the Canadian government and those hailing from Meta haven’t had the best of relationships in recent times. This is all thanks to Meta’s CEO and the firm’s ex-COO ignoring subpoenas coming forward from the parliament’s 2019 ethics committee.

So now, it’s the Canadians who might be suffering as Meta is on the verge of preventing news sharing in response to the new Bill. The reason is simple. Meta does not want to be dictated about who it needs to be sharing its revenue with and in this case, it has to do with local news outlets.

Now, Meta’s being accused of unlawful behavior because many feel the firm played the same cards in Australia. Instead of being a good sport and negotiating fair deals, one expert felt it was really greed of the social media giant to behave this way.

But Meta objected to the allegations and claimed that news content was not something that it was achieving major profits from and hence isn’t something generating much revenue at all.

As far as the Australian act is concerned, Meta managed to succeed in cutting out all forms of access belonging to news agencies in the country. But with time, they did manage to grab hold of agreements with various other firms such as News Crop to ensure coverage.

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