Instagram Creators Can Soon Add More Than One Link To Their Profile Bio

Instagram is busy conducting a test for selected users and it entails adding more than a single link to the creators’ profile bio.

The news comes to Insider who spotted a creator having at least three different links added to the bio without the use of a third-party tool like Linktree. But why is this test so important and how can it really affect the creator economy?

We’re answering some of those questions for you below.

For a while now, Instagram has restricted creators to having just a single link in their profile’s bio descriptions. If any particular creator wished to add more than one link, it would require them to resort to tools like Linktree where all such links would be placed under a single heading and could be accessed easily with a single click.

But now, things are finally changing as can be seen on another creator’s account. You can easily add more than one link that can be stacked up on one another. If you fail to believe us, Insider says to pay a visit to a popular hairstylist named Sarah Page who’s got nearly 122,000 followers on her Instagram and has recently added 3 links to her bios. This includes two entire links that are dedicated to her Shopify store.

While she isn’t sure about the exact date, the hairstylist told Insider that it was only made possible through the app. They gave her the option about a month or two ago and in the end, she was able to add it.

Page says that when you’re an influencer, it’s so important to have this option. Several links need to be added at one time and when you aren’t able to, things can get pretty annoying for obvious reasons.

So as you can see, the multiple links functionality is definitely going to benefit many avid Instagram users out there.

On that note, Meta did confirm how its Instagram was definitely in the process of rolling out the test but they failed to specify who had access to it and when it had begun rolling out.

We first heard about this test thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi who claimed the findings in October of 2021. With the help of reverse engineering, he managed to get through the code of the app and figure it out.

Then in May of 2022, Meta said it didn’t have a tool yet to test it externally but it was definitely in the pipeline. Hence, we’re not sure yet if this test is even out for a wider creator audience or just limited to a few.

The test arises in the form of a primary link that’s accompanied by the text ‘and others.’ Hence, when you press it, a new pop-up arises on the screen and there are multiple links at hand.

This feature is in addition to the option provided to some that entail buttons like ‘shop here’ or ‘reserve’ or ‘view shop.’ And we feel such addition is going to put the app in competition with third parties like Linktree and Koji that direct fans to other accounts owned by the same creator. But now, since Instagram is allowing you to do it just from its own app, there couldn’t be better news than this.

A study conducted in May of this year spoke about how 16% of influencer accounts had more than one link in their bios thanks to Linktree. And the latter has even gone ahead and put forward price tiers that are above the classic options offered for free. But with this new feature, their winning streak might end.

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