Facebook business page will no longer allow car and rental listings

Ever since Meta took over Facebook, several key changes have been introduced to ensure a much better user experience.

One of the latest steps taken by the company in this direction is that the platform won’t be supporting the registration of automobile vehicles and real estate projects in its Marketplace from the Business page. However, users will still be able to initiate a one-on-one listing via the marketplace.

As explained by Facebook, these changes will be applicable from January 30th, 2023. Once the date has passed, users will only be able to do listings on a person-to-person level through the marketplace, as Meta will no longer be allowing the use of Facebook’s business page for car or real estate listings.

The company also made it clear that these changes don't mean that users won’t be able to reach their target audience easily; instead, the company is only taking steps to make the whole procedure more organized.

During an active discussion going on Reddit, many buyers and customers seemed happy with this initiative. Most of them raised a similar complaint that many sellers use very low prices, such as $1 for a car, but they won’t let it go for this price.

Once these new rules are implemented, sellers will be required to utilize solutions, especially meant for such dealings. Facebook also added that, for such automobile dealings, the company keeps working to provide solutions. This is why it also motivates the sellers to use AIA (automotive inventory ads) for such dealings.

Unlike real estate projects, users can use the marketplace for person-to-person deals. Since an ultimatum has been given, once the date is reached, all currently available listings via Facebook business page will be removed, and users will be required to follow the new guidelines.

Meta has a long way to go before it can make changes on nearly every level. So far, the company is focusing on areas that will play an important role in attracting more audiences, and the Marketplace is one of those sectors.

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